Thursday, December 1, 2011

Snuggly Mornings

We allow the dogs on the bed.  Yes, it's true, the dog trainer said it.  We let our dogs sleep on the bed.  I think the theory that a dog who sleeps on the bed will "think they are dominant over you" is rubbish.  That said, only one of our dogs really enjoys spending the night on the bed with us.  I think the other two probably complain that we move around, toss and turn, and take up too much space. 

If you've ever met the dogs, you can likely guess which one adores sleeping with Mom and Dad.  It is the little princess.  Our bowling ball with legs.  Little Apple.  And if she sees the slightest gap in the covers she quickly worms her way in and goes from dog sleeping on the bed to dog sleeping under the covers! 

As piggy as she can be, it's a wonderful sensation to wake up in the morning with a doggy friend curled up in the arc of my back.  Apple is happy to get some attention before getting up for the day - a nice belly rub, some ear scratches and a good body massage.  She's soft and warm and cuddly.  And that's what having a dog is all about.

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