Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Introduction to Treibball Course

Bravo Dog Training Presents…
Introduction to Treibball
An online class with your dog

If you enjoy working with your dog and are looking for something fun and different, Treibball may be for you.  Treibball (pronounced Try-ball) is a new sport that any dog can enjoy. Think of it as herding without the mess, expense and space requirements of sheep! But don’t worry – this isn’t an activity reserved for herding breeds.  Any breed or mix can excel.

·       Prerequisite is minimal obedience training & clicker/marker experience
·       No expensive equipment
·       No huge space requirements – all introductory skills can be taught indoors (great for the winter!)
·       Foundation skills are taught like tricks – tons of fun!
·       You, your dog and your favorite trainer!

Participants will be given bi-weekly written assignments.  Each classmate will submit a video (posted online through YouTube – easy instructions or help available) of the assignment. Classmates can view each other’s videos and the instructor will review and offer feedback and training suggestions individually.

Starting Late January – Reserve Your Spot Now
$110 for the 6 session course (early registration, by Jan 1)

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