Monday, December 5, 2011

Amber from Hot Diggity

We have met our pet sitter - Amber from Hot Diggity! Dog Walking and Pet Sitting will be staying with Pistol, Apple and Timber over Christmas.  She came by for the initial visit, a chance to meet the dogs, see the house and go over the routine. 

Of course Apple adored her, but Apple would go home with a jewel thief.  Pistol and Timber took a shining to her too though, so it's a done deal.  Amber will be here to feed the dogs, let them outside, wipe off any muddy paws, rub any needy bellies and perform some other essential tasks, like feeding the fish, turning on and off lights, getting the mail and watering the plants (including the orchids from Florida which are blooming prolifically here in Oregon - someone forgot to tell them it's not sunny, hot and humid!).

I feel confident that the dogs will be well cared for over Christmas.  And from experience, the most important thing in leaving your dogs, whether it is at a boarding kennel, for training or with a pet sitter, is that you are comfortable enough to not worry while you are gone. 

Thanks Amber, we look forward to having you stay with our dogs!

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