Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Client Titles in Rally!

Congratulations to Orso!

This past weekend was a big event for Orso the Cane Corso.  At just under 18 months old, Orso has completed his AKC Rally Novice title!  This means he officially has titles on both ends - a breed championship and his first obedience title.  A Rally title requires 3 qualifying legs.  Orso finished his third leg with an impressive score of 97/100, placing 3rd in a large class of tough competitors.  Huge congratulations go to Orso (International Multi-Champion Mar e Sol Orso di Costa Bel, CGC, TDI, RN ) and his owner, Yvonne Aleman Quevedo of Costa Bel Cane Corso.  It was a pleasure training Orso for his Novice Rally competition, and I'm glad the hard work has paid off with a title.  Keep up the good work Yvonne!

From Left to Right: Owner Yvonne Aleman Quevedo, Orso, and AKC Judge Mr. Robert Withers
(Photo Courtesy of Costa Bel Cane Corso)

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