Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Age Pet Tags

It seems like everything these days revolves around our smart phones.  Don't expect our pets to be left behind.  Some things are very high tech (and expensive!), like GPS tracking that can give you the exact location of your dog - or at least his collar - if he gets lost.  But there's a new one that's a little more realistic for the average pet owner.

Pet Hub, a Washington based company, offers dog and cat ID tags with a QR code - that funky square barcode that can be read by your smart phone.  When someone scans the code they are taken to your dog's very own web page.  You keep this page updated with their current information.

The individual web page gives you room for a lot more information than would fit on a tag.  You can list the typical name, address and phone number, and also your veterinarian, any medications, allergies, important behavior issues (like "can climb fences!" or "doesn't like cats"), reward info and even photographs.  Update the information anytime you want - if you move, if their medications change or anything else - you are in charge.  The Pet Hub tag also features a unique web address that can be manually entered, in case your pet is found by someone less technically inclined. 

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