Friday, April 13, 2012

Sick as a Dog

What a way to turn over a new leaf.  From my death bed.  Okay, I'm probably being a bit dramatic there, but I do feel terrible today.  Yesterday, at a post-surgical doctor's appointment, they did the routine blood pressure, pulse and temperature, and, surprise to me, I had a fever.  I felt fine, but by the evening it was starting to become apparent.  I woke this morning with terrible fever-sweats and have fought a sour stomach all day.  I just hate feeling sick - there's always too much to do. Moms and entrepreneurs never get to take a day off.

Hopefully this will go as quick as it came on.  I have two lessons tomorrow, with an existing client and her aggressive Aussie/Chow/Brown-Dog-That-Hopped-the-Fence Mix, and with a new client and their very boisterous "I'm too cute to listen" Labrador.  The day is set to end with Ethan's school's big fundraising event. It's an auction and I have donated a "dog training" basket (including a 10-day board & train or 7 private lessons) which I hope will bring the school enough money to make it worth my while.  And to not hurt my pride.

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