Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Will Try To Be Better

I have been neglectful in my blogging.  As is normally the case, I've tried to do too much and ended up with nothing at all.  So, long, insightful articles pushed aside, I will try to do what a writer should do.  Write.  Just make it happen, no matter what.  There is plenty going on. 

I have a dog who is drinking so much (gallons) and peeing so much that he has been banished to an outdoor kennel during the day.  A posh, comfy kennel, but an outdoor kennel all the same.  I've never had an outdoor dog. 

I have a new board & train dog starting next week - a little Havanese that is aggressive towards other dogs when on leash.  It will be fun to work with him.  Hopefully I can improve his outlook and help make life easier for him and his loving owners.

I had a wonderful conversation today with Dr. Chris Pachel, the area veterinary behaviorist.  I like his style and look forward to meeting him next Tuesday. 

We had a full blown hail storm tonight, with an icy accumulation and enough lightning and thunder to send Timber into a panting, pacing tizzy.  Watch out Tim, that thunder might get you!

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