Friday, February 3, 2012

Don't be Cruel

This poor dog is riding in the wrong end of the pick-up truck.  Although it's a beautiful day out (yes, sunny and mild in Portland, Oregon!), dogs should never ride like this in the open back of a truck.  If a dog must be transported in the back, they should be in an airplane-style plastic crate that has been carefully secured to the bed of the truck. 

You may notice from the photo that he is tied with a red and white leash.  In some cases that could be considered an acceptable manner of securing the dog, but the tie down needs to be very short and fixed to the middle of the truck bed, not one side or the other as is the case with this dog.  Tying a dog with a leash that is too long, or too close to the edge of the truck is actually more dangerous than leaving him loose.  If the dog were to jump or fall, he would come up short and could be dragged or repeatedly run over.  Not something for man's best friend!

In most states, including Oregon, transporting a dog this way is actually against the law, generally falling under animal cruelty statutes.  Unfortunately catching people for the offense is difficult, but it can be done.  Hopefully the owners of this handsome dog will come to their senses and let him ride where he should be - shotgun!

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