Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Product Pick - The Manners Minder

There are many products out there to enhance our dog's lives.  Oh, does my pocketbook know, so many products!  Of course some are better than others, and the Manners Minder falls into the "better than" category.  This machine was invented by a wonderful veterinary behaviorist from Colorado, Dr. Sophia Yin. 

The Manners Minder is, in simple terms, a remote-control treat dispensing device.  Press a button on the remote and the machine will spit out a treat, with or without an accompanying tone.  The tone can be used like a "click" for dogs that are clicker trained - they quickly learn to associate the new sound with food.  The machine can also be set to dispense treats randomly without manual activation, making it a great tool for teaching a long down-stay, working on separation anxiety or other skills.

The Pros:
  • Product works well and takes small, uniform treats (like Zuke's) or kibble.
  • Excellent for advanced skills, distance work, long stays, preventing jumping up and many other behaviors.
  • Comes with an informative DVD, written training guide and a great target stick.
  • A unique, innovative tool for any positive motivation trainer or dog owner.
The Cons:
  • The machine noise is a little loud when dispensing a treat.  Spend plenty of time acclimating your dog to the sound before you begin training with the machine.
  • Expensive - retails for a little over $100, but if you shop around it can be found for closer to $80.

Manners Minder treat dispensor

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